Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can get complex and detailed. This information will give you the fly-over view of SEO. Please let us know if you have any questions.

5 Pillars of SEO Marketing

1. Google My Business Page (G+)/Youtube

2. Local Search Directories (Citations)

3. Online Reviews (beginning with G+)

4. On-Site SEO - keywords and content

5. Off-Site SEO - backlinks


How the Google Search Engine Works

1. Provide Value to their customers and they will reward you.

2. Build Trust with them and they will reward you.

Three Components of Trust

Content - videos, articles/text, audio

Authority - It’s a popularity contest. If you’re popular with  others that Google trusts then they can trust you too. Back on the playground at school. Comes thru backlinks and presence (citations).

Age - How long has your site been indexed? Just like any relationship, it takes time to build trust.


Game Plan

1. Set up Social Media Platforms and begin content marketing.

2. Build out a lead generating site (and/or optimize yours)

3. Build Citations

5. Begin building backlinks

6. Continuous content marketing via Social Media and Web Site