When you spend thousands of $$$ a month on a platform like Facebook, across several campaigns/clients, you end up having a myriad of information at your fingertips . . .

Information about user behavior, which headlines/images/offers work and don’t work, and where the “leaks” are in your client’s advertising budget. 

This type of information can make the difference between a business owner having a $500 cost per client acquisition, and a $20 cost per acquisition.

I wonder what business owners in Bentonville are learning about their target customers & current marketing efforts by spending $3k/mo on a billboard, $400/mo on bus benches, $10k/mo on Yellow Pages (yes, people still do that), or $3k-$5k on a 30-sec TV spot?

You know, other than how much they love seeing their own logo on a billboard.

You can “spend” $3k to massage your ego, and my clients will “invest” $3k to land 10 new high ticket clients.