Google and Facebook work really well to get leads for clients. But, they both have some serious drawbacks.

Google AdWords is REALLY expensive. You pay a very high CPC for clients. In some niches, it can be $100.

But you get the most relevant leads because they are SEARCHING for a solution. Because of that, you will always pay a premium for those people.

Facebook allows you to target any major demographic or interest. You hope that the lower cost offsets the fact that many people who see the ads are unqualified. 

You send your clients leads, and they say many of them are worthless. And they are kinda right.

Someone who is not sold on the idea of chiropractic who sees a “Free analysis” is as unqualified as offering free Lamborghini test drives to homeless people.

All of this leads to clients canceling because they simply do not realize the ROI.

So how can you get the cost of Facebook with the quality of Google Search?

It’s simple. Build a list of people who are searching for what your client offers and browsing websites that indicate they are going to make a purchase.

How do you do that? Well, that is the secret sauce. Give us call to learn more!