I’ve had business owners FREAK out when I quote them at $2k-$5k/mo for advertising and lead generation services.

They’re so fixated on the notion of “spending” money that they don’t view it as an investment, and they’re left paralyzed by the number I just put in front of them.

They’re not taking into account that our clients who are spending that amount are making 5x in return.

And I GET IT, all they’ve ever known is wasting money on yellow pages, billboards, bus benches, asking their 17 year old nephew Jon-Jon to “do the Facebook” for them, and not getting ANY monetary return.

“Advertising” and “marketing” in their mind is SPENDING and not INVESTING. I feel bad that they’ve been abused and man-handled by crappy, underperforming marketing companies in the past. 

Well, whatcha gonna do.


Dyer’s Media clients spent just over $25,000 in the last 30 days through my agency collectively.

Now, why would business owners CONTINUE to “spend” thousands of dollars every month?

Well whenever an advertising or marketing channel is churning out positive ROI, it’s not “spending” at all, it’s investing and reaping positive returns.

This is what I do for my clients.

I build digital advertising systems that spit out positive ROI.

Most of my clients are seeing $7 to $10 for every $1 they invest.

This isn’t an outdoor billboard where $3000/mo goes in and nothing comes out (even if something did come out you wouldn’t know).

This is trackable ROI and business growth.

I have ad campaigns running for clients that are performing so well that I’m seriously considering starting a second business in that space within a year or so.

I’m printing money for these clients by getting them customers daily.


And trust me, I practice what I preach when it comes to investing in my business.

Just like I do for my clients, I “spend” money on various online ad platforms to generate sales appointments for my own company.

I then take sales calls and convert a percentage of them into paying customers.

The cool thing is, again, this is exactly what I do for my clients.

And when they see the results and it finally “clicks”, they understand that they’re not spending at all, they’re investing.

So, for any business owners out there, I encourage you to not “spend” any money on advertising.

Try investing it into proven money-making systems.