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The #1 SEO Company in Bentonville, AR

Welcome to Dyer’s Media!  We’re the premier Bentonville SEO Company and Digital Marketing Specialists. I’m Jeremy Schopper, Founder and President of Dyer’s Media.

I’ve been involved in digital media and marketing companies online since 2004. It was at that time that my wife and I started Care Packages, Etc. In order to grow the business we had to learn SEO and Adwords.

In the Spring of 2016 we launched Dyer’s Media. And since then we’ve launched multiple Local Businesses and have found amazing success marketing other Local Businesses.  We’re passionate about not just getting our clients to Page 1 of Google, but also attracting, converting and add brand new Customers to our clients’ Local Business.

We offer FREE Consultations and will even give you advice during our first visit that will begin to gain you more visibility Online.  Our goal is to partner with you and help you live your dream by being able to do what you do best, Run Your Business, all while I do what I do best, Market Your Business and drive new Customers to you.

One recent Client told me, “I wish I would’ve met you sooner. I can’t afford to not pay you to take care of my marketing!”

If you are wanting to grow your Small Business in Northwest Arkansas, the US, or anywhere in the World for that matter, then give us a call. There’s a reason that we’re the #1 SEO Company in Bentonville. We’ll give you an honest Consultation and will walk you through exactly how I plan to grow your Business.  It all boils down to one thing, Results. We guarantee Results and will make sure you are a Happy Client!  Call me today at 479-202-4440 for a completely FREE consultation. We’d love to partner with you and get your phone ringing and doors swinging. We’re the Bill that Pays the Bills!


Why Choose Dyer’s media?


We’ve been in the internet marketing space since 2004. At this point, we’ve pretty much seen just about every problem and challenge before. Everything is done in-house by the Dyer’s Media team.


Dyer’s Media was created and has built with the sole purpose of serving small businesses. We’ve run other small businesses ourselves. So we understand the unique challenges that come day after day. So whether you’re an individual small business or a franchisor/dealer with a fleet of small businesses, Dyer’s Media is your ideal SEO COMPANY and digital marketing partner.


When you do business with Dyer’s Media you can be sure that we are 100% focused on and dedicated to your success. Because we’re only going to be serving you. We will not work with any other company in your niche or industry that is in your service area. 


Our marketing services are all month to month so you are not locked into a long term commitment. Our job is to earn your business every single month. We’ll never take your business for granted. We work hard to earn your business every day by generating results. And if we don’t produce, then we shouldn’t have the opportunity to serve you.


With Dyer’s Media you always own your domain, website, Adwords, and Facebook accounts. If you leave us, you take your site, ad accounts, and all the data with you. Many agencies refuse to do this and hold you hostage. If you leave them, you lose all your data and have to start over. We’ll always treat you the way we would want to be treated!


You receive an SEO project plan with a customized list of projects to generate more leads/sales from the search engines. We send out customized and detailed reports each month so you can see and understand exactly what you’re paying for.


The bottom line is that we get results. Once we’ve identified and drilled down to create powerful goals and objectives for your digital marketing, we get to work . . . and we get the job done! Don’t take our word for it, you can check out samples of our results and even call some of our current clients.

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