Hey Business Owners

So my company has been doing some SEO work for a Deck Builder in #sarasota.

If you don’t know what SEO is, google it (that’s an SEO joke.)

We’ve been killing it for him and generating some serious ROI.

Results that I’m pretty proud of!

?  Just from the business we’ve sent him over the past two month he’s bid out over $275,000 in new business!


This is what I mean on my website, Facebook posts, advertisements, etc, when I reference my agency striving to be an “ROI machine” for our clients.

In the month of June, this Decking business got $36 for every $1 they invested in my company.

If only bitcoin was still working that way…

but really, ROI is everything.

Don’t pay someone to “do the Facebook” or “work the google” for you if they can’t prove that their clients are getting a solid return on investment.

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